SDCC 2017: Ikemen Nightwing & Red Hood

It has been almost exactly a year since Kotobukiya announced the Ikemen line, which is a male companion to the Bishoujos. Cute boys with cute butts doing cute things, finally! It seems that there has been a lot of work put into this line, because progress has been slow and they’re really trying to make it perfect. Both for us, of course, and for the ever-fickle DC.

Now, finally, we are getting a peek at the fully sculpted & painted Nightwing! Look at that booty, it’s a thing of beauty. And his face is so sassy! We also got the full art for the next in the line, Red Hood. He looks so grumpy and adorable. Feeling a little tsundere, Jason?

[via Kikakuguys]


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