Commenting Policy

Welcome to Plastikitty’s commenting policy page! We love all of our commenters, but one of our main goals with Plastikitty was to make the site a safe space for readers. As our readerbase has grown we’ve realized it is high time to outline what we really mean by safe space and what is and is not allowed.

First, let’s start with what is allowed. You can be as snarky, sarcastic, or even downright mean as you want… about a figure, manga, anime, or game! (Or comic, or movie…etc). This content is fair game. However, personal attacks, against other commenters or the writers, are not okay! Obviously this is not a cut and dry area: moderation on this particular area has never been much of an issue (because you are all awesome!) but please remember to stay on topic and be polite!

Now, a list of things that will result in bans, no questions asked:

  • Rape jokes (example: “That figure looks rapeable.” Comments like “It’s going to rape my wallet!” will be deleted and can result in a ban if this has to be implemented frequently, but it will not result in an instant ban)
  • Pedophilia jokes/comments (example from an actual commenter: “Old enough to count, old enough to mount.”) I’d like to be very clear here: this does NOT refer to flat-chested women or lolis. Everyone likes different things, and we respect that! This only applies to comments that show sexual intent (joking or otherwise) towards a clearly underage figure, or jokes about pedophilia.

Those are essentially the only things that will result in banning (aside from, you know, death threats to the editors…), so let us go over some general guidelines! We really encourage discussion here and it’s been quite successful so far, and I’d like to think that is at least in part because we are a bit disciplined about comment content!

  • Racism. Obviously a no. This includes ethnic and religious discrimination as well, along with ethnocentric comments that could be considered derogatory.
  • Sexism. This is a more grey area. Lots of people like half-naked (or all the way naked) figures. That’s fine! What we are looking to steer clear of are degrading remarks, especially about body types. For example, don’t say “big tits are disgusting” or “flat chests make me throw up in my mouth.” Try to remember that these are things that can apply to real bodies! You can say “I don’t like short legs” or “man I sure do hate waists like that!” but make sure not to use derogatory language. Pretty simple!
  • Transphobia. This includes making jokes about both crossdressing and transgender characters that are negative in tone. You are perfectly free to not like these types of figures, but do not use derogatory language to refer to them (including the word “trap” or saying a character is not a “real woman” or “real man”).
  • Do not use us as a platform to pimp out your content! We are more than happy to feature reader photographs, especially on Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter, but please send them to us first! No links to direct content in comments. General links are fine, though please make use of the website link feature in comments for that unless it’s something new you just started and want other readers to be aware of it!

As you can see, the basic goal is: don’t be offensive! You might think these are a little too PC, and we are certainly more rigorous than other sites, but that is because we want to be absolutely sure every one of our readers feels safe commenting here. Community is very important to us, and we love the atmosphere you as readers have created.

Think this list is a little long? Don’t worry! These rules have been in effect from the beginning of the site, though because I am a terribly forgetful person they are only being written up now.