Preview Sword Art Online Dollfie Dreams Asuna & Kirito

Male anime-style dolls used to be a thing of dreams and only dreams, but recently they’ve become a very firm reality. First we got Len from Volks, and now it’s time for Kirito from Sword Art Online! I mean, he looks pretty damn feminine here, but that’s to be expected with dolls right? In any case, you now have multiple choices for some DD boyfriends for your ladies.

Many years ago we got an Asuna Dollfie, and of course she’ll be getting a re-release… of sorts. This new ‘Titania’ version will be on sale with Kirito, and while I adore her outfit & ears the face has still not won me over. There’s no concrete info on when these will go for sale, as the blog just says early summer, but I have a strong suspicion these will be lottery and not pre-order.

[via the DD Blog]


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