Check Out Pokemon Nendoroid Lillie

Just in time for the unveiling of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon we have our first look at Nendoroid Lillie! Speaking of the new announcements… what do you think they will be? Total sequels in the style of B2W2 or just updated versions like Crystal, Platinum, etc?

Lillie was far from my favorite character in SM (grow a spine girl), but she seems to be head and shoulders the most popular. I know we’ll never get a figure of my personal fave, super tan Professor Oak. Sigh. In any case, she’s gotten more attention in the figure world than your average Pokemon game companion, and even I have to admit that this figure is SO cute. I do hope we get a hair-up option for her because the late game ponytail was beyond adorable. And I am assuming we’ll get a little Nebby, that seems almost mandatory.

[via Pokemon JP]


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