Winter WonFest 2018: Alter

I always have very strong opinions about Alter’s event displays. Usually their Wonder Festival lineups disappoint me, because they save all the good stuff for MegaHobby. But not in 2018! We have a really killer batch of figures from my favorite manufacturer.

Many of them are what you’d expect: we have quite a few Fate/Stay Night figures (including the gorgeous header Saber, a reclining Mash Kyrielight, the sculpt for Edmond Dantes, and their absolutely epic Jeanne d’Arc Alter), finally the painted Okoi, an IDOLM@STER announcement (Asuka Ninomiya), and two To LOVEru cuties (Haruna once again and a lingerie Momo).

But of course there were surprises as well! Like the elaborate bunnygirl version of Narberal Gamma from Overlord II, and some from-left-field announcements like Vampire from Azur Lane and Teletha Testarossa from Full Metal Panic! I know some people have been waiting a LONG time for Panic figures. Check out all of them and more after the jump!

[via figsoku]


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