Winter WonFest 2018: Persona 5 figmas & Nendoroids

You may be thinking, “Leah, 4 announcements isn’t really worth its own post!” To which I say, “shhh, let me have this moment.” Because do you know what we are getting? Did the header give it away? We’re getting a YUSUKE FIGMA. My beautiful husband can now be in my life to give me art advice. Oh, and figma Anne too! Both in their Phantom Thieves garb, of course.

We also have two Nendoroid announcements: Futaba (in casual clothing) and the MC (in his Joker garb). I wonder why they’re in non-matching outfits? Maybe we will get two full lines of the whole cast?? Hey, a girl can dream.

[via whl4u]


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