All The Goodies At The 45th Prize Fair


It’s almost fall, and you know what that means–new season, new Prize Fair. They’re on the 45th already, if you can believe it! And like always, the big 4 (FuRyu, Taito, SEGA, & Banpresto) had all the upcoming prize figures out on display.

I always try to swear off prize figures, but like clockwork there are one or two that draw me back in. This time, funnily enough, it’s a collab I’ve basically ignored because I’m interested: the Madogatari figures. That Kiss-Shot in Homura garb, hnnng! There’s lots of other great stuff, and of course all the regulars (Evangelion, Miku, KanColle, Disney, Dragon Ball Z) were out in force. Check them all out in the gallery below!

[via Dengeki]


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