Alpha x Omega Return To Work On Love Live’s Eri Ayase


When was the last time you heard the name Alpha x Omega? If you’re a newer figure fan, you might not even know about this company, which is a collaboration between Alter and MegaHouse. They (technically) have worked on some of MegaHouse’s Yamato girls, but their last stand-alone piece was of Yagyu Kyubei in 2013. That’s a long time to go figure-less, and I kind of assumed they were defunct.

But thankfully (because their quality is usually great), they’ve come back together! And, oddly enough, it’s to mass-produce a Primal Heart sculpt. This is weird because Alter has produced some of them, so it’s odd to see a team-up for one of their sculpts. This time it’s of an amazing Halloween version of Eri Ayase, which is just… perfect. I really like Eri’s design but none of her figures have really spoken to me until now.

[via figure/GK]


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