Alpha x Omega’s Eri Ayase Is An Exclusive


I was over the moon when Alpha x Omega announced that they’d be picking up Primal Heart’s garage kit of Eri Ayase from Love Live. I mean, I love Primal Heart and I love Halloween figures. What could go wrong? Well, I should have known better than to get my hopes up because Alpha x Omega means MegaHouse is involved. And I am pretty certain they just sit around a table all day cackling and discussing ways to screw over their fans. Dear MegaHouse (and Bandai): I hate you and you are dead to me. Love, Leah.

So Eri is an exclusive and I wanna cry. She’s so pretty! But already so expensive (¥14,400 retail) plus fees on top of that? No bueno. Why do you hate me, MegaHouse? Why couldn’t Alter have done this by themselves? Because they want us to suffer, that’s why.

[via Bandai Premium]


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