Alter Announces Eizen From Tales of Berseria

I have a confession, guys: I have never played a Tales of game. I love the designs, I own quite a few figures from the franchise, and I’m a huge fan of JRPGs so… what gives? Who knows, but I recently purchased Tales of Berseria and I’m excited to dive in. Once I finish some other games in my massive, frightening backlog. Seriously, it’s like 1,000+ hours of games in a scary tower.

Timed perfectly with my purchase is Alter’s announcement that Eizen will be joining their Altair line. It’s always surprising to see a male character given figures before a female one, but that seems to be Alter’s MO with this series. It’s really refreshing, even though I do hope they make a Velvet (and┬áMagilou please) down the line.

[via Alter’s Blog]


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