Alter Shows Off Rita Mordio

At MegaHobby Expo, Alter announced a surprising addition to their then all-male Tales of Vesperia line: the fiery loli, Rita Mordio! Now, surprisingly fast for Alter, she is colored. While the muted color palette looks great and the details are sharp, I feel like something is ever so slightly off. I think it’s the eyes, which don’t quite fit the style of the rest of the figure. I am sure she’ll look perfect in the final prototype shots–this is Alter we’re talking about!

Rita goes up for order on the 25th along with yet another re-release: this time of Yuri from the Altair line. Alter is really on a roll with the re-releases… maybe KOS-MOS Ver. 4 or their Bounty Hunter Yoko is next!

[via Alter’s Blog]


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