Animate Girls Festival: MegaHouse’s Morgiana


Wait just one minute. This is Animate GIRLS Festival. Emphasis on the GIRLS, in case you didn’t get it the first time. A girl event for girl-catered figures only. Which means…. boy figures! No girls allowed! So what is a girl figure doing here?! Wow MegaHouse, get your shit together. You’re making it really easy to regress to elementary school.

Anyway, we’ve seen this figure sculpted already, in magazine scans, but now we’re getting a better look and I’m totally in love. She’s so pretty! It’s great to get a harem-outfit style figure without the main thrust of the design being on “ooh, look how sexy she is! Wow so sexy, much boobs!” Based on the sculpt and her proportions, I am definitely picking up Morgiana–unless they really mess up the paint, or make her an exclusive…

[via whitenoize’s Twitter]


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