Aniplex Announces A Figure Of Homura Akemi


Wow, the PVC world has caught HomuHomu fever! First the Maiko Homura, then the weird cheerleader version, and now out of the blue Aniplex is producing a random version of her. Granted, from their concept outline and the tiny tiny teaser pictures of the sculpt, this actually looks totally badass. Cool pose? Check. Hair blowing in the wind? Check. Shaft head tilt? FAIL. When are we going to get Homura with the signature head tilt not in bikini form?

Sadly produced by Aniplex = exclusive, though hopefully like their planned Saber she will be available to overseas buyers. Because the multitude of Homura figures I already own aren’t enough, dammit! I need this one too!

[via Aniplex]


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