Aniplex Takes On Ultimate Madoka Kaname


Remember when Madoka fever swept the figure world? Sure, we still get some stuff from the show, but it’s nothing like that peak-Madoka hype. Ultimate/Goddess Madoka was particularly prevalent: dolls, figmas and Nendoroids, prize figures, and of course the amazing Good Smile scaled version of her. It’s been quite some time since we saw a figure of Godoka, but Aniplex hasn’t forgotten our lord and savior!

They’ll be doing a figure of Ultimate Madoka, and while I have the GSC one already I really love the softer, cutesy style and pose they went with here. I think it honestly fits her character more than any other version! Can’t wait to see her painted, and part of me is hoping they do a Devil Homura to go along with her. There is matching art, after all…

[via Aniplex’s Twitter]


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