Aniplex Unveils Their New Saber & Shielder


When Aniplex announced Fate/Grand Order figures, I was tentatively excited. The designs are actually pretty cool (though I think there are way better characters than Saber & Shielder to make figures of), and Aniplex usually pumps out quality products.

Well, we have the sculpts for both of them! And I am decidedly underwhelmed. Saber is just kind of standing there, which is hella boring and we’ve seen figures of her basically identical to this. I was hoping for at least some cape-swirling action but alas, another rather dull Saber sculpt. And Sheilder… also just standing there. Her shield gives so much potential for a cool pose, but it’s so dull! Hopefully we get some cool F/GO figures from Alter… and there’s the ques Q Lancer to look forward to.

[via Neonadia’s Twitter]


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