Asmus Toys’ Gorgeous ‘The Swan’ Statues


Sometimes you come across a figure that makes you stop dead in your tracks, mouth hanging open like an idiot because it’s so impossibly beautiful. That is exactly what happened when I first laid eyes on the images of Asmus Toys’ The Swan statue, sculpted by the very talented PKKing and illustrated by Po Wen. The detail here is just breathtaking, with every single feather on these ladies sculpted to perfection. And their faces! My heart is aflutter.

The Swan comes in, unsurprisingly, both Black and White versions. While I usually go for the darker style I prefer the White Swan of the two of them, but both are effortlessly elegant and I need them right now. Of course they won’t be easy to get: pre-orders for April are open on Taobao and Ruten, but you’re going to need a proxy and they’re already around $200 a pop before fees and shipping. But considering the level of detail (and their 1/6 size) that hardly seems like a steep price.

[UPDATE] AmiAmi has both the Black and White swans up for pre-order (¥25,500 each)! Thanks to Cloudedmind for the info.


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