Baby Wananeko Gets A Sofubi Update


You probably remember Javier Jimenez’ recent IndieGoGo project to get his awesome Wananeko figure in soft vinyl format. Well, the part I was most excited about was the addition of a Baby Wananeko in resin! I mean, kittens guys. I just love kittens so much. The project got funded amazingly fast, so a stretch goal was added: for $2,000 over the original goal, a sofubi Baby Wananeko would be manufactured too!

Well, as you might have guessed from the title, it’s happened already. Yup, there are 21 days left to go and we’ve already had the original and stretch goal funded. I wonder if Jimenez has any other tricks up his sleeve?! If you want a Baby Wananeko, all of the original funding levels that include a sofubi Wananeko will include a bonus matching Baby Wananeko. Want something a little more special? There are ten $200 slots open that get you a custom set: one full size and one baby Wananeko, customized to your specific instructions! So go get one here.


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