Bandai Announces A Persona 3 Elizabeth D-Arts & Thanatos Re-release


As any Persona fan will tell you, there simply aren’t enough figures from the games. Seriously, we’re quite annoying. And don’t get us hardcore MegaTen fans started, we just don’t shut up about it! But Bandai has been a light in the darkness, giving us D-Arts of some of the Personas along with annoyingly exclusive Figuarts of some of the characters. We even got Raidou from Devil Summoner! They actually announced a whole ton and then… kind of abandoned them, but it seems they are just starting over with a new Persona 4 Arena line!

First up is everyone’s favorite Velvet Room assistant, Elizabeth! Sorry Margaret, Theo and Mary, but you know it’s true. She’s just… the best ever. And now you can have a poseable version of her! WITH A CHAIR! And Bandai is feeling generous, so they’re re-releasing Thanatos (her persona in Arena, originally the MC’s from 3) to go along with her.

[via Tamashii Nations]


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