Bandai’s D-Arts Charizard Is Ready For Battle


At Tamashii Nations, Bandai revealed that they would be doing D-Arts of the 3 original starter Pokemon. The only one we were supposed to know about, though, was Charizard! So of course we knew he’d be first up for order. After a long wait (if you’re a Pokemon fan, that is!) he is almost ready for orders and looking great. They’ve actually managed to make the joints look unobtrusive!

Like Mewtwo, Charizard will retail for ¥3990. Sadly he doesn’t come with a first run bonus though–no little Charmander! Of course if you want one of those we just happened to post about one. Charizard will come out in April, and expect orders tonight. If he’s anything like Mewtwo they will sell out fast, so get your computers ready!

[via Bandai]


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