Bandai’s Exclusive Shining Blue Version Sheryl Nome

In theory, Bandai’s Figuarts ZERO line is pretty cool. It’s smaller scale figures with decent sculpting and paint offered for really reasonable prices, along with the bonus of covering characters that sometimes don’t have a lot of other figures. In reality, this being Bandai, they’ve messed it up royally with hard to get limited runs that make some of these figures impossible to obtain. To top it off, nearly half the line is exclusive, making them MORE expensive than regular figures.

Their first Sheryl was very nice, though she sold out in about 5 hours on AmiAmi. Now they’re doing a (more) limited and exclusive ‘Shining Blue’ version. I prefer the non-limited version: this one is just too much blue for me. Her retail is only ¥4,500 but with proxy fees instead of the discounts we got on the first one, she’s going to be quite pricey. You can snag her at Big In Japan, and she’ll be released in October. I feel a Ranka recolor coming on very soon…

[via Tamashii Nations]


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