Bandai’s Figuarts Zero Ranka Lee

It seems like this is Macross Frontier week, because right after the announcement of some prize figures from Banpresto, Bandai posted the official shots of their Wish of Valkrie Ranka Lee! The matching Sheryl went up for order a while ago, and now it’s Ranka’s turn. I really love her outfit, especially the use of clear PVC which will always win me over.

Ranka stands at about 6.3″ tall, putting her around 1/10 scale. She retails for ¥4,725, a little bit more than Sheryl, and will be released in May. I think these two will make a lovely set once released–the matching poses are a nice touch. And if these are successful, I am sure Bandai will make some other versions of them for the Figuarts Zero line!

[via Bandai]


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