Batgirl Joins DC Collectible’s Bombshells Line


When we first saw DC Collectibles’ Bombshell line, I was totally smitten by their creativity and originality. Stephen and I don’t have a lot of comic statues in our collection mainly because they seem to lack a certain spark when compared to PVC and vinyl: it’s just comic characters standing around. But this line brought something different and unique, which continued with the 3rd release, Poison Ivy.

However, I was a bit hesitant when the 4th, Harley Quinn, was just… standing there. Sure, her outfit was cool, but the pose didn’t really seem to be referencing anything notable. And my fears are confirmed with Batgirl. Okay, the outfit is rocking, but aside from that she could be part of the Covergirl line. Where’s the awesome posing we saw with Supergirl?! I want Harley riding a bomb, Batgirl posing like she’s about to jump off a roof! Get it together DC!

[via NY Post]


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