Become The Very Best With Gary Oak


Few figure lines bring me as much joy as MegaHouse’s Pokemon G.E.Ms. They’re so colorful and full of life! Plus, you know, the hardcore nostalgia it brings up is unbeatable. Though they’re small, I really feel like they are everything I want in a Pokemon line. Including, of course, all the classic characters we know and love–like Gary Oak, who I never thought would get a figure!

Ash’s classic rival comes in a snooty pose fitting his character, and also a little Eevee pal. Aw, cute! But that’s not all: along with this release we got the announcement for the next in the line. It’s not a new character: they’ll be doing Ash again, but this time with Charizard. I have a spark of hope that he’ll be riding it. A girl can dream, right?

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