Bishoujo Squirrel Girl Is Actually Happening


A few years ago, Kotobukiya “announced” a Marvel Squirrel Girl Bishoujo as an April Fools joke. Because, let’s be honest, she seemed like the last Marvel girl who would ever get a Bishoujo figure. And while it was funny, a lot of fans expressed that they’d be interested in the real deal if she was to appear. And it seems like they listened (or are pulling the most elaborate prank ever) because they just teased art for her!

Given that SDCC and Wonder Festival are a week away, her art is guaranteed to be at one (if not both) of them. I’m really curious about this one: Squirrel Girl’s outfit is the opposite of sexy, so how is she going to fit into the line? We’ll find out soon!

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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