Blast Off At The Speed of Pokemon With These New Figuarts

Bandai has given us a lot of Pokemon S.H.Figaurts in the past, but they have all been of the actual ‘mons and not the human characters. An odd decision, considering how much easier it is to articulate a human than a giant lizard! But the day has finally come when we get Ash & co. Or at least Ash, Jessie, and James. Weird combo to start out with, but I can dig it.

Ash comes with, of course, Pikachu, and Jessie & James have Meowth. The accessories are minimal (this is Bandai we’re talking about), but still cute–like the dizzy face for Meowth! There is an exclusive set of all 3 that includes an extra crying face for Ash, but you will need a proxy to get it. Thankfully there are non-exclusives up for the rest of us! Ash retails for ¥4,500 and the Jessie & James set is ¥9,500, while the exclusive will cost you ¥13,000. All 3 are set for a July release.

[via Tamashii nations]


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