Brace Your Wallet For A New GSC Miku Hatsune

Miku’s 10th anniversary has already brought us so many great things, like the Anniversary figure & Nendoroid and Harvest Moon Miku. But that’s not enough for Good Smile Company! At this point they should just rename themselves to Good Vocaloid Company let’s be real. Not that I am complaining: I love Miku and all of her figures.

The art for this one is utterly spectacular, and I can’t wait to see the sculpt & paint. It’s so dynamic and beautiful! Like a soft sibling to the mebae Miku. I mean, she’s going to cost an arm & a leg plus I bet she’s exclusive to their shop, but do you think that will stop me? No way. This baby is coming home to me.

[via Miku’s Anniversary]


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