Bundle Up With Dollfie Dream Snow Miku


While many people were head over heels for Volks’ Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune, I was not among them. Honestly, I found that release insanely disappointing: her face sculpt seemed lazy and I really didn’t like the makeup style they went with. I wanted something softer and sweeter, and it seems like I will be getting my wish! That’s right, we are getting a second Miku: Snow Miku version, to no one’s surprise.

Surprisingly, this is exactly what I wanted in the first Miku! The white skin suits her so well with this outfit, and I like that they went with a larger eye size (24mm versus the original 22mm). The faceup is also a lot subtler and softer. And best of all? She’s a pre-order just like the original! She will retail for ¥65,000 and there are two pre-order periods. If you happen to live in Japan, Volks Sapporo will have orders from Feb 7th-14th that will ship out in January 2016. Think that’s a long wait? Online orders start February 14th and run until April 12th (my birthday!) but you won’t be getting her until June 2016. Good news for people who really need to save up?

[via Volks]


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