Catch ‘Em All With MegaHouse’s Ash & Misty


MegaHouse just teased us with a still-unpainted Ash & Misty in recent magazine scans, but apparently that was all a big fib because here they are, totally finished and ready for orders! Sneaky, Megahouse. Real sneaky. But hey, it’s Pokemon figures and something I’ve dreamed about from the moment I picked up my first piece of PVC (Kotobukiya’s Mitsuru, if you were curious) and it’s finally happening! I couldn’t be more excited.

Both Ash & Misty (and, of course, their pokecompanions) look fantastic. They’re so colorful and fun and happy-looking, everything you want from Pokemon. And thankfully, like Jessie & James they will be standard releases! No scrounging for a proxy for these bad boys. Orders open February 2nd.

[via MegaHouse]


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