[ENDED] Celebrate Plastikitty’s Second Birthday With A Figure Giveaway!

Plastikitty 2nd Birthday Header

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have noticed that we’ve been teasing an upcoming contest! We have been meaning to get some up and running for a while, but due to time and staff constraints it’s been a work in progress. Trust me, running a site with two people is a lot harder than we originally assumed it would be. But finally, our first official contest is here! And if just so happens that it’s our second birthday, so we decided to kick things off with a bang. Last year you could contribute to the site, but this time we’re giving back–and giving something big.

That’s right, no prize figures or blind boxes here. We’re giving away a full scale figure of Kotobukiya’s Cryska Barchenowa Plugsuit Edition, who we recently reviewed! And it is not the one we took out and rolled around in the grass. Oh no, this is a pristine, shiny, not even opened Cryska. And there are 3 different ways to win her! The first is easy–just leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite figure is, and why! We’ll be revealing the other 2 ways to get entries in the contest next week, once the Wonder Festival madness has died down.

[UPDATE] Want a second contest entry? Then follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet (you must do both to qualify!)! Yes, it’s that simple! And we are still accepting comment entries as well, so don’t worry if this is your first time seeing this post!

[UPDATE 2] Need another entry? Simply like us on Facebook and comment on this post following the instructions! We are also accepting entries for methods 1 and 2, but the winner will be selected at the end of the week. Good luck, everyone!

[FINAL UPDATE] Congratulations to our winner, Stefanie Brignac! Cryska will be on her way to you in the very near future!

[Note: This contest is open to all countries! Be sure to use your real email when you comment, as that is what we’ll be contacting the winner through. I’d also like to note that originally I hoped to respond to everyone’s comments, but you guys have overwhelmed us! Suffice to say, we totally love you all!]


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