Celebrate Spooktober With Kotobukiya’s Horror Bishoujo Pinhead

October is absolutely my favorite month, and it’s right around the corner! Fall weather, sweaters, pumpkin spice, beautiful foliage, and of course…. Halloween! Horror! Blood and guts! Spooky movies!! Can you tell I’m done with summer? Only fall now. Only spooks.

One of my most-anticipated horror-related figures has been Kotobukiya’s Pinhead Bishoujo: which is funny, because for years I insisted that it was an idea that could never be executed properly. When we got the art it turned out that I was horribly, horribly wrong. Now she’s all sculpted and painted and up for order and I am so in love. They really nailed the perfect balance between sexy and creepy.

Bishoujo Pinhead is priced at ¥11,000 and is slated for a February release. Do you plan on picking her up?

Pre-Order At: AmiAmi | HLJ | Hobby Search | Big In Japan


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