Celebrate the Year of Luigi With the Luigi Nendoroid

Nendoroid Luigi Header

So yeah, you may notice we’re a tad late on this post, and that may or may not be intentional. Why? It’s Luigi. Why does he get his own whole year and figures and stuff and Mario gets snubbed!? HUH!? A Nendoroid of Luigi before a Nendoroid of Mario!? This is just madness. Then again, I may be a bit biased as I dressed up as Mario a while back and always liked him better because he was short like me. Back at Summer WonFest we found out that he’d be coming, and, now younger brother has jumped onto the scene in all his green glory.

Luigi here is one action packed Nendoroid that comes with a whole slew of accessories from a pipe to a Bullet Bill and even some little clouds for jumping and running and even a background image that’s part of his box. That’s all fine and dandy and great looking, but what the hell is up with his nose? Like, seriously. That ring around it. It’s like his shnoz is so large they had to cast it separately and just thwack it on. Or, what I’m assuming is most likely, they cheaped out and you take it off and put it on each of his different faces so that no matter the expression he can look terrible. If you want to add this green goofball to your collection he’s available for pre-order now for ¥3,800 and will be available in June of next year.

[via Kahotan’s blog]


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