Cerberus Project’s Winter Wonder Festival 15 Offerings


Cerberus Project always has a really amazing Wonder Festival lineup, and this year’s winter event is no exception! In fact they went all-out for this one, bringing us six sculpts which is way above their normal amount! Let’s start with the usual suspects: there is, of course, a new Elin. This is the Steampunk version and honestly, I don’t like her quite as much as their other ones! Then we have not one but two Monster Hunter figures–Bone Glaive and Charge Axe versions.

Now for the three “not so expected” girls. We’ve got a gorgeous sculpt of Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze, Momoko from Momo Kyun Sword, and finally Shiraui Tsumugi from Knights of Sidonia. I’m really loving the Shiraui sculpt, so detailed and creepy! All six kits will be available for purchase at the upcoming Winter Wonder Festival.

[via fg-site]


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