Check Out The Figures At The Fate/History Event

You know what I want right before Wonder Festival? When we’re t-minus 7 hours away? A different event with like 50 new Fate/Stay Night figures at it! What joy, what excitement, what nonsense. The Fate/History event was showing off the figure history of, you guessed it, the Fate franchise, but it had SO MANY NEW FIGURES from every company who has put them out in the past: Good Smile Company, Max Factory, AlphaMax, Aquamarine, Pulchra, Myethos, Kotobukiya, PLUM, etc. Seriously just so many.

The stars of the show for me were Pulchra’s very cute Marie Antoinette and Aquamarine’s sitting dress Saber EXTRA who looks so detailed and fantastic. But GSC had quite a few crazy gals on display too like the new Jeanne and Artoria Pendragon on a giant horse. I wonder how many arms & legs that will cost!

[via Hobby Maniax]


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