Check Out A Ton Of New IDOLM@STER Figures


You know what we need right before MegaHobby? Another figure event! What is up with how many we’ve had this fall? This time it’s one dedicated only to IDOLM@STER, and there were a LOT of figures at it. Wave, surprisingly, is making non-Beach Queens figures of some of the Cinderella Girls: sculpts for Kaede Takagaki and Miku Maekawa appeared, along with announcements for Rika Jougasaki, Miria Akagi, and Kirari Moroboshi. We’re also getting another Dollfie Dream from Volks: Rin Shibuya! Kotobukiya joined the party with the sculpt for Kaede Takagaki and an announcement for Nana Abe.

Good Smile Company & Co had, of course, the most updates. Phat! Company had many of their girls, along with a brand new sculpt of Rin Shibuya. The Love Laika version of Anastasia, which just went up for order, was painted, along with the matching Minami Nitta. Good Smile’s Crystal Night Party figure of Uzuki Shimamura is sculpted, and we have figmas of Rika and Mika Jougasaki based on their anime appearance.

Then we have Alter! First, three announcements from their Alpha x Omega collaboration: Rin Shibuya, Karen Houjou, and Nao Kamiya. They also showed off the amazing sculpts for Riina Tada and Miku Maekawa. Phew, that’s a lot of idols!

[via taka humo, kuroneko_r, and kahotan]


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