Check Out Alter’s Momohime Recolor


When we found out that Alter would be making a recolor of their Momohime, I was at first skeptical. However, I quickly jumped on the hype train when I realized we might be getting her gorgeous orange alternate outfit. Well, we’re getting the reveal a bit earlier than I thought (I imagined they’d wait until MegaHobby, which is this weekend) and… yeah, not what I expected.

Instead of a bold recolor we’re getting a slightly altered and subdued take on her. It’s really not even that different! More muted, more warm-toned, and her eyes have a lovely red rim that makes her look hungover. Okay, it still looks beautiful, but the original is just so stunning that I wish we got something more exciting for this take on her. Orders open tonight.

[via Alter’s Blog]


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