Check Out Alter’s Perplexing Dizzy Recolor


Alter’s original Dizzy sculpt (review) has a lot of potential for a kick-ass recolor. Something like black hair, her Necro wing red and Undine as white. Or white hair, black Necro, gold or silver Undine. Blonde with a paler blue Undine and a stormy grey Necro. It took me literally 30 seconds to come up with viable, attractive recolor options. 30 seconds.

But as we found out a while back, Alter chose a totally bewildering color scheme: yellow-blonde hair, candy pink Undine, chocolate Death. It’s, um… Valentines themed? I honestly don’t even know. Everything clashes, it’s so WEIRD. Were they high?! Was this just their leftover paint from other figures? The world will never know. But if you absolutely have to have this version, she’ll be available at MegaHobby Expo (November 30th) for ¥11,800 and should get a very limited online release after that will require a proxy.

[via MegaHobby]


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