Check Out FREEing’s Foxy 1/4 Scale Houki Shinonono


FREEing has been hard at work on a 1/4 scale set of the Infinite Stratos girls in animal outfits for a while now, but it’s kind of flown under the radar. FREEing items just don’t get the same level of previews and press as, say, GSC, Koto or Alter ones do. But now the last girl in the line is ready for orders, and it seems like they’ve finally decided to give us an awesome preview.

Probably the best thing about this set is that the girls are all different animals (as you can see in the gallery’s group shot), and Houki is dressed up as a fox maiden. While Laura is my favorite of the line, Houki comes in as a close second! And even though she is a massive 1/4 scale her price should be in line with the rest of the group (around ¥18,800) making her insanely affordable in today’s figure economy. Orders open on the 11th!

[via Kahotan]


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