Check Out Shunya Yamashita’s Black Canary Art


As a huge Birds of Prey fan, I was overjoyed when Black Canary was announced as the next DC Bishoujo. I mean, we already have the rest of the gang (kind of): Babs as Batgirl (though I’d really really love an Oracle hint hint) and Huntress! It’s been a while since the initial reveal and now we’re getting a look at the finished art: does this mean the sculpt is somewhere in our future? Perhaps at SDCC?

As a big Shunya fan, I of course love the art. Then again, Dinah is one of the most ass-kicking ladies in the DC universe so a more battle-ready pose would have been nice. But perhaps she just finished beating someone up and is reveling in her awesomeness! I’m just looking forward to seeing how they use the real fishnets in her final sculpt.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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