Check Out Shunya Yamashita’s New Tekken Art


Kotobukiya’s newest Tekken Bishoujo, Lucky Chloe, notably wasn’t from Shunya Yamashita’s past batches of Tekken girls. Which means… new characters, new art! And usually some of the art gets made into Bishoujo form, so we will probably see some of these as figures. Which is always exciting, because the Tekken Bishoujo line is one of my favorites, second only to DC.

This time around we’ve got 4 new girls: one of them is Lucky Chloe, who we’ve already seen in Bishoujo form. Then we have Katarina, Josie Rizal, and Kazumi Mishima. Honestly, I’d be excited to see any of these in Bishoujo form, especially Katarina: her pose is so dynamic! What do you think, Plastikitties?

[Thanks so much to Stuart Cambell for the photos & info!<3]


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