Check Out Some More Of Shunya Yamashita’s Tekken Art


If you’re a long-time Plastikitty reader, you probably already know that Shunya Yamashita has illustrated pretty much the entirety of the Tekken cast already. But if we know one thing, it’s that Shunya likes to draw. A lot. There’s no stopping this guy! So it’s no surprise that in his new artbook, Beautiful Noise, he’s got even more Tekken ladies in store for us.

The most important is probably Michelle Chang, who as we’ve surmised is probably the next Tekken Bishoujo. But here we’ve got his full art with the proper background, and this is probably what we’ll see for her Bish announcement! We’ve also got Kunimitsu (want please!), Miharu in a swimsuit, and an absolutely stunning Angel. I mean… look at her. I NEED THIS. Right now. You all know my weakness for winged ladies knows no bounds!

[Thanks to Stuart Campbell for both the tip and the images!]


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