Check Out The Goodies From The 44th Prize Fair


You  know what they say: new season, new prize fair! Okay, so only I say that, but it’s basically true. Prize Fairs are a never-ending event that seem to strike when the weather changes. I know it’s technically been spring for months, but here in NY it’s been incredibly chilly until just this week. Finally, warm weather! And new figures!

We have quite a few awesome things here, and some less than awesome ones as well–like the incredibly creepy Disney Princess line that will haunt my dreams. But along with the nightmares are cool releases like a bunch of Dragonball Z goodies including, at long last, Mr. Satan! We’ve also got Macross, Evangelion, Miku Hatsune, Fate/Grand Order, Kantai Collection, and a whole lot more… like my persona favorite, the Okami noodle toppers. Check them all out below!

[via Dengeki]


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