Check Out The Sculpt For Wedding Holo

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know what that means! Time to get married to your waifu. And to facilitate that, Myethos is making a lovely wedding Holo from Spice & Wolf who will make all your wolfish dreams come true. Or at least we hoped when she was announced!

Now we have the sculpt, and I have… mixed feelings. I don’t think her face matches the art at all (it’s too cartoony), and the dress feels so stiff. There are barely any folds or sculpting details in the back, which is surprising because we know Myethos can turn out an intricate sculpt like nobody’s business. In contrast, her tail seems over-detailed and too fleshed out. Hopefully this is just a rough beginning (it does seem like a 3D model, no?) because this is not really what I wanted at all. Wedding Nia looked far better when we saw her sculpt at events, so let’s hope the same holds true for Holo!

[via Dengeki]


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