Check Out Racing Miku Nendoroid 2018

It’s no secret that I love the Racing Miku aesthetic, and I’m always excited to see what Good Smile Company is going to come up with for her next. So far they have covered a wide variety of styles while still staying true to that ~racing vibez~ and 2018’s design is no exception! It might be the cutest one we’ve seen so far, but with a bit of a bratty edge that I really like.

Today we are getting the full reveal of her Nendoroid design, and it’s so cute!! I mean, what a precious little princess. Like all of the racing Nendoroids she will be exclusive to the GSC store and will have a pretty wide variety of price points: everything from the basic Nendoroid to huge racing packages if you want to support GSC Racing a little bit more.

[via GSC]


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