Check Out Snow Miku 2018’s figma & Nendoroid

Sometimes it feels like the years are just crawling by. Like, summer feels like it was so long ago! And yet, I also feel like I’m writing up news about the newest Snow Miku design constantly. So where is the truth?

I’ve been on board with the 2018 Snow Miku design since the full art reveal, which was just packed with detail and personality. We’re getting the fully painted Nendoroid & figma reveal now, right before winter really hits, and I gotta say she looks adorable! The color balance is way off in the figma shot but the Nendoroid looks so vibrant. Perhaps a little less sculpting detail than what I expected, but definitely solid so far. Can’t wait to see the hood (and, of course, her bunny).

[UPDATE] We have a picture of the hooded Nendoroid and it’s everything I dreamed it would be.

[via Kahotan]


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