Check Out Stronger’s Fate/Grand Order Shielder

So far I have really managed to avoid all of the Fate/Grand Order hype. It’s a combination of things: Stephen and I have cut our orders down to a scale figure every one or two months, so we have to be super picky, and also there’s just so dang many of them! If I started with one, I’d get the Pringles effect and want them all. But let me tell you, this one is tempting me.

Stronger’s take on Shielder is just so lovely and unique (and a lot better than the Aniplex version). It’s kind of like a classic American pickup pose, no? The perfect mix of strong (I mean, she’s got that big old shield to smack you with) and sexy. Plus her eventual purple-grey color palette really appeals to me. Hopefully she’s colored at Wonder Festival!

[via beyyang128]


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