Cheerleader Homura Akemi Is A Thing That Is Happening


There are a certain amount of versions of a character that I can take and even like/understand. Regular, schoolgirl, powered up, Maiko, even swimsuit. Okay. Those make sense for Homura, though perhaps the swimsuit one is a bit debatable. But this… I can’t even. If you can think of a situation where this totally makes sense then you should probably go work at Shaft. Homura does not belong in a random cheerleader outfit. Yet here we are!

Of course this is Madoka, so a fancy alternate version can’t be readily available to the masses. Oh no. This is a Lawson lottery prize, which is like Ichiban Kuji in hell. Good luck paying less than your soul for one of these puppies on the aftermarket. Thankfully the “WUT” factor overrides any urge to collect Homura (and the inevitable Madoka… and probably Mami…) so my wallet is safe. For now.

[via Lawson]


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