Circus Posterus Adds Some Sparkle To Their Masao Skelves

Circus Posterus had that mystery Skelve at DesignerCon that didn’t get a decent reveal before the event, but now we’re finally getting a look at it! A little late, perhaps, but thankfully there will be other releases of this cutie. In fact, both the 4-Legged Masao Skelve (run of 66, $250) and the Mini Masao (run of 100, $66) in the ‘Midnight’ colorway will be coming to the Circus Annual show on December 7th.

There’s also a super-rare GID mask chase for the Mini, and if you want a shot at one of those the release will be lottery-only in the Circus Posterus forums. This might be my favorite Skelve colorway yet–I just love the sparkles!

[via Circus Posterus’ Blog]


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