Circus Posterus’ Calliope Jackalope Creeps Her Way To DesignerCon

DesignerCon is right around the corner, and as we’ve seen Circus Posterus has a ton of figures lined up for the event like the Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack. It seems like he won’t be alone though, as Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope is joining the DesignerCon lineup. This robin’s egg blue colorway is limited to 120 pieces and like Stingy Jack, only half of them will be at the convention. The other half will be split between Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus, meaning an online release for those of us not attending Dcon! She’ll retail for $95 and definitely isn’t the last announcement of Circus Posterus’: there are still those mini Skelves wandering around!

[via Circus Posterus]


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