Circus Posterus Is Bringing Stingy Jack & More To Designer Con

It’s been a while since we saw some event releases from Circus Posterus, but it seems like they’ve been saving up a ton for the upcoming Designer Con! First and foremost we have the second colorway of their sofubi Stingy Jack designed by Brandt Peters, called the Toxic Marshmallow Edition. I really love this colorway, and the run of 120 pieces will be split for those of us who can’t make it out: half will be at the show (booth #500) and the other half will be divided between Tomenosuke and Stranger Factory. He’ll retail for $95, and I expect him to fly off the (virtual) shelves!

Then we have some teasers for the rest of their lineup. They’ll clearly have some Skelves on hand, hopefully some minis as well since it’s been a while since I added one to my collection! Last but not least is the amazingly cute zombie deer Zombambie. This clear orange colorway is the Sour Peach edition and will be a run of 66 with a price fo $100. It’s implied that, like Stingy Jack, some will be headed online as well. I love that Circus Posterus splits their releases like this, it makes it so much easier for those of us who can’t travel to every convention!

[via Circus Posterus]


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