Cleanse Your Soul With The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Hobby Japan’s figure line of the Seven Deadly Sins has been a smash hit. There were several recolors for most of the Sins, then the alternate versions… it ended up being a lot more than the 7 figures we initially expected. And my wallet was not happy about it. But now we have more financial suffering to look forward to, because Nishii has a new collaboration with HJ: the Seven Heavenly Virtues!

That’s right, we’re getting angelic counterparts to the sins. So far we only have information on one, Michael, who is Faith (and also has a sculpt already!). But we should also look forward to prudence, justice, temperance, courage, hope, and love. These seem a lot harder concepts to make cute/sexy, but if I trust anyone to make prudence into a kawaii waifu… it’s Japan.

[via Imgur]


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